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Packer templates for Ubuntu AMIs with a ZFS Root filesystem.
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Packer Templates for Ubuntu with ZFS Root

This repository contains Packer templates for building Amazon Machine Images for Ubuntu with a ZFS root filesystem. Currently the following distributions are supported:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 ("Bionic") LTS with AWS-Optimized Kernel
  • Ubuntu 16.04 ("Xenial") LTS with AWS-Optimized Kernel

The template is easily modified for Debian and other recent Ubuntu distributions, however.

You can read about how this template works on the blog. Some relevant posts:

Running a build

Use the bionic or xenial targets of the Makefile in root of the repository to build an AMI in us-west-2, and copy it to all regions. Use a recent version of Packer - only the latest available at the time of last editing has been tested (currently: version 1.3.1).

The following environment variables must be set in order for the build to succeed:



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