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µLisp is Lisp interpreter using C. It is a personal implementation of list (look the Story part).

It is possible to compile all the stuff running:

make all

or build only the µlisp interpreter with:

make mlisp

The current implementation is tested in Mac OS X (10.9) and include some rules for Win32 systems (but it is not tested there).


If you want to see the interpreter working, here there is some code examples.

The first program, a hello world:

(print "hello world")

Some normal operations using polish notation:

(+ 4 5)
(+ 4 (* 24 5)

You could define things, like nil (that it is not a builtin type):

(def {nil} {})

or true and false:

(def {true} 1)
(def {false} 0)

The project include a library (preluce.lisp) with more examples to use and play with them.


Now the challenge is to continue creating more features for µLisp, some of them come from the las two chapters where there some ideas to continue with the implementations

I have finished the book and have some ideas for the next steps. Stay tuned!


Behind of the µlisp's idea was the book: Build your own Lisp from Daniel Holden. The firsts release was following the tutorial. You can find a copy of the last version in lispy.c (I will be updating this file with the version from the book if there is an update).

The principal reason for writing µlisp was to enjoy hacking with C and discover Lisp.

Have fun!



µlisp interpreter (free Lisp version)



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