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@jenetics jenetics released this Feb 18, 2020 · 5 commits to master since this release


  • #542: Introduce InvertibleCodec interface. This interface extends the the current Codec interface.
public interface InvertibleCodec<T, G extends Gene<?, G>> extends Codec<T, G> {
    public Function<T, Genotype<G>> encoder();
    public default Genotype<G> encode(final T value) {
        return encoder().apply(value); 
  • #543: Simplified Constraint factory methods.
  • #566: New parameter class, EvolutionParams, contains all Engine parameters which influence the evolution performance.
  • #607: More flexible MOEA optimization. It is now possible to do minimization/maximization on every dimension independently.
  • #614: Generalize the ConstExprRewriter class. It can no be used with every type, not only with Double values.
  • #635: Mark the Chromosome.toSeq() and Genotype.toSeq() methods as deprecated. This methods are no longer needed, because the Chromosome and Genotype itself will implement the new BaseSeq interfaces and are now sequences itself.
  • #645: Mark all bean-like getter methods as deprecated. This methods will be replaced by simple accessor-methods, and is a preparation step for using the new Java records.


  • #621: ìo.jenetics.prog.op.Program.arity() returns the wrong value.
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