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Module: io.jenetics.ext


This module contains additional algorithms, genes and chromosomes which are somehow not standard. The main reason for this division is the desire to keep the io.jenetics.base module as small as possible.

Multi-objective optimization

The io.jenetics.ext.moea package contains classes and data structures, which allows the optimization of multi-object problems.

Modifiable Engines

The io.jenetics.ext.engine contains classes, which allows the creation of adapting evolution streams.

Genes and chromosomes

  • BigIntegerGene

  • BigIntegerChromosome

  • TreeGene

  • TreeChromosome


  • WeaselMutator

  • WeaselSelector

  • SimulatedBinaryCrossover

  • SingleNodeCrossover

Util classes

  • Tree: General tree implementation; needed for the org.jenetics.prog module.