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Sample scanning program. Collect host list with some service in those subnet.
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IP_Research is copyleft by Jengyic@DaemonLand, using the BSD license.

(0). (optional) Change bash path in all shell script if in FreeBSD.

FreeBSD: /usr/local/bin/bash

(1). Before using this tool, you should compile C program via gcc(Linux) or cc(FreeBSD).

Linux: gcc -O2 findMinMaxIPbin.c -o findMinMaxIPbin gcc -O2 Int2IP.c -o Int2IP

FreeBSD: cc -O2 findMinMaxIPbin.c -o findMinMaxIPbin cc -O2 Int2IP.c -o Int2IP

(2). Edit and, change BASEPATH.

FreeBSD: using gtimeout in TOCMD="/usr/local/bin/gtimeout $TIMEOUT"

(3). (optional) Edit if in FreeBSD.

FreeBSD: SRVSTATUS=echo -en "open ${HOST} ${PORT}\nsend escape\nquit\nclose\n" | /usr/bin/telnet 2>/dev/null | grep "]" | wc -l

If any advice, please contact me via

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