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import json
import dateutil
import dateutil.parser
import os
import urllib2
import gzip
from StringIO import StringIO
# Grab and consume the latest CVE feed from NIST
nvdrecent = urllib2.Request('')
nvdrecent.add_header('Accept-encoding', 'gzip')
response = urllib2.urlopen(nvdrecent)
buf = StringIO(
f = gzip.GzipFile(fileobj=buf)
data = json.load(f)
# Pull the list of items together and grab the fields we need
cves = data['CVE_Items']
cvenum = int(data['CVE_data_numberOfCVEs'])
date_posted = dateutil.parser.parse(data['CVE_data_timestamp'])
# Format the date the way we want it
date_posted = date_posted.strftime("%B %d %Y")
# Sort the list
sortedcves = sorted(cves, key=lambda k: dateutil.parser.parse(k.get('publishedDate', '')), reverse=True)
# Snag the latest CVES from our list
lastfivecves = sortedcves[0:6]
# Set up the array
output = []
# Iterate through the CVEs to get the data we want
for cve in lastfivecves[0:5]:
zdate = cve.get('publishedDate')
cvedate = dateutil.parser.parse((cve.get('publishedDate')))
cvedate = cvedate.strftime("%B %d %Y")
description = cve.get('cve')['description']['description_data'][0]['value']
CVE_id = cve.get('cve')['CVE_data_meta']['ID']
description = description + " This is " + CVE_id + " published on " + cvedate
redirectionurl = "" + CVE_id
# Place all of our output data into a variable
export_dict = {"uid": CVE_id,"updateDate": zdate, "titleText": CVE_id, "mainText": description, "redirectionUrl": redirectionurl}
# Write variable data into our array
# Write everthing out to our json file
with open('cve.json','w') as json_file:
json.dump(output, json_file, indent=4)
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