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#Tasty Backend Installation Profile Readme

What are Drupal Installation Profiles?

Installation profiles provide site features and functions for a specific type of site as a single download containing Drupal core, contributed modules, themes, and pre-defined configuration. They make it possible to quickly set up a complex, use-specific site in fewer steps than if installing and configuring elements individually. --Using Installation Profiles -

What does the Tasty Backend Installation Profile do?

Focuses on providing clients and content managers with a simplified, easy to use, delicious and overall useful experience on their site.

It's born of the frustration I had when originally developing with Drupal back in the day, and thinking "Wowsa, this is powerful!" Then, "Oh crap, I need to hide most of this so my tech-phobic clients can just do what they need to do."

  • Creates 2 usertypes(Content admin and User Admin) and sets initial permissions for each automatically.
  • Selects the easy to use admin theme - Seven and enables the handy admin toolbar.
  • Creates a bunch of useful new views that focus on essential info
  • Puts pretty much everything into vertical tabs.
  • and so much more!


  1. Create a new Drupal installation, give it it's own database, and edit the settings.php , but do not run the installation script yet.

  2. Download the Tasty Backend Installation Profile zip and place the entire expanded directory into the profiles directory located inside your new Drupal root directory.

  3. The Tasty Backend Installation Profile requires modules.

    • Core modules: block, color, contextual, help, image, list, menu, number, options, path, taxonomy, dblog, search, field_ui, file, rdf.

    • Contributed modules: admin_menu, admin_menu_toolbar, admin_menu_source, ctools, page_manager, context_admin, entity, field_group, menu_admin_per_menu, override_node_options, role_delegation, user_settings_access, view_unpublished, views, views_ui, views_bulk_operations.

  4. Run yoursite/install.php and choose 'Tasty Backend' under desired profile.


###About Tasty Backend Tasty Backend Modules and Base Install Profiles were created by @jenitehan using the usability improvements spoken about in her DrupalCon talks 'Building a Tasty Backend'

You can view one of these at Building a Tasty Backend from DrupalCon Amsterdam '14

A Tasty Backend Demo is available here:

Jeni Tehan . Delicious Creative . Brighton, UK .


Tasty Backend Drupal installation profile.



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