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Jenkins Account Management

Testing locally

Run docker compose up -d ldap

./gradlew appRun

This will get you a development server running at http://localhost:8080


Emails are send to a local mail server and not forwarded on, you can see them at http://localhost:3000.


For deploying to production, this app is packaged as a container.

To run the container locally:

docker compose up --build app


make run: Runs the docker container


The account app support different types of SMTP configuration to send emails:

  • Nothing is configured, the application try to connect on localhost:25
  • SMTP_AUTH is set to false, the accountapp will connect on $SMTP_SERVER:25
  • SMTP_AUTH is set to true, the accountapp will connect on $SMTP_SERVER:587 with tls authentication and will use: $SMTP_USER with $SMTP_PASSWORD.