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Confluence Container for

NOTE: this repository is deprecated and archived (e.g. read-only). For the latest version, check the following page:

This container defines Confluence behind The container consists of three main pieces:

  • /srv/wiki/base: Upstream Confluence image. Ideally we don't want to touch this at all, unless we absolutely have to.
  • /srv/wiki/site: Container local customizations to Confluence image. This also acts as $CATALINA_BASE
  • /srv/wiki/home: Persisted portion of the Confluence data, such as attachments

The site portion includes our site-local customizations to Confluence, such as:

  • Adjustment to JVM memory size
  • Customized Tomcat configurations

How to develop this container

You can start this container with mock LDAP and DB.

At the beginning of the development session, you do the following:

  • make startldap to start a mock LDAP container in the background
  • make startdb to start local mariadb container in the background.

At this point, if you have access to the backup of Confluence database and home, do the following optional steps. Note that the backup database contains sensitive information, such as the password to access production LDAP, security vulnerabilities, and so on. So it shouldn't be passed around casually:

  • retrieve database dump as backup.db.gz
  • make restoredb to fill DB with a copy of production data
  • retrieve CONFLUENCE_HOME dump as backup.fs.gz
  • 'tar xvzf backup.fs.gz` in the root of this Git repository

If you omit the above steps, Confluence will start empty, and you'll go through the setup wizard.

Finally, run make run to build and start Confluence container in the foreground.

When its initialization sequence is all done, point the browser to http://localhost:8080/.

Two valid users exist in mock LDAP container. 'kohsuke' and 'alice'. 'kohsuke' is a super user, 'alice' is a regular user. Password is both 'password'

To make changes to the Confluence container, press Ctrl+C to kill it, make edits, and run make run again.

Confluence Setup Wizard

Every time you start the container fresh (fresh db and rm -rf ./data), Confluence wants you to go through the setup wizard. When asked to configure database, choose "DataSource connection" and type java:comp/env/jdbc/wiki as the value. This data source is configured to connect to local DB container.

If you've restored from dump, Confluence should skip the setup wizard.

Confluence is sensitive to the consistency of CONFLUENCE_HOME (in particular ./data/confluence.cfg.xml) and the database, and if they get out of sync, Confluence will refuse to come up. When this happens, go back to clean slate by destroying Confluence and DB containers, rm -rf ./data, and start over.

Every time you go to the clean slate, Confluence will run the setup wizard, and this process generates a new server ID, which means you have to request a new evaluation license all the time. You can make this little easier by preseeding ./data/confluence.cfg.xml with the following content

    <property name="">XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX</property>
    <property name="confluence.webapp.context.path"></property>

... where XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX is the server ID. By fixing the server ID this way, you can use the same evaluation license over and over.


  • oom_adj

Mock Ldap

Connection to mock_ldap need to be done on ldap port 389 instead of ldap Change ldaps:// to ldap:// in confluence/site/conf/server.xml Change Port 636 to 389 in confluence/site/classes/atlassian-user.xml


Confluence will not start anymore if it detects non utf8 tables.
The list of database modification that need to be applied can be retrieved with following script 'scripts/utf8_encoding.sql'.
You then need to apply them.

## Generate sql migration script
mysql -h localhost -u wiki -p kiwi wikidb < scripts/utf8_encoding.sql > scripts/to_update.sql
## Remove CONCAT entry from migration script
sed -i '/CONCAT/d' scripts/to_update.sql
## Apply migration
mysql -h localhost -u wiki -p kiwi wikidb < scripts/to_update.sql


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