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Jenkins infra monitoring

This repository is meant to hold configuration files of Jenkins infrastructure monitoring stuff.


Jenkins infrastructure is monitored using DataDog.


DataDog monitors are configured through Terraform with the datadog provider.

Add a monitor

  1. For convenience, you can first create the monitor on DataDog’s side, and then use the Export feature (monitor settings) to have a JSON representing the monitor

  2. Describe the monitor in using HCL

  3. Submit a PR. At this point, your monitor should be created to DataDog staging organization

  4. When PR will be merged to master branch, Terraform configuration will be applied on the main DataDog organization (after an approval input step)


The Jenkins infra project uses multiple private and public dashboard to have quick overviews of specific situation. While it’s possible to automate the configuration of those dashboards, we never had the time to implement them.

They are multiple ways to contribute to those dashboards:

  • If you think a specific dashboard would be usefull for the community, feel free to open a Jira ticket on with a complete description, why someone should implement it and don’t forget to set the component to 'datadog'.

  • If you have sparetime and want to practice or learn Terraform, feel free to look at our Jira board and then open a Pull Request on this repository with your changes, your PR will be tested on


You can mute DataDog monitors using their tags during a specific interval. For example, if you want to mute monitors for Confluence, you can use service:confluence tag to mute all related monitors at once.


Jenkins OSS infrastructure monitoring stuff


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