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Jenkins IRCbot
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JIRA/GitHub management IRCBot

Build Status

This IRC bot sits on #jenkins as jenkins-admin and allow users to create/fork repositories on GitHub, etc. More info: IRC Bot Wiki


This repo is containerized, then deployed to our infrastructure via Puppet. You should have a Write permission to and to deploy the new version of the Bot


  1. Commit/merge changes into the master branch
  2. Wait till the preparation of Docker package on Jenkins INFRA
  3. Modify the version on Puppet infrastructure
  4. Wait till the deployment
    • See first steps of the deployment process on
    • The further deployment will be performed asynchronously (puppet checks for changes once per 15 minutes)
      • jenkins-admin will leave and join the chat
    • infra-butler will mention in #jenkins-infra that Spinach was updated


MIT License

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