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Jenkins Javadocs

This repository contains the scripts necessary to generate javadocs for publication to the infrastructure.


The repository offers a Dockerfile, which can be used for running the build and verifying results.

Building image

Build command:

docker build -t jenkinsinfra/javadoc-dev --build-arg LTS_RELEASES=2.73 --build-arg PLUGINS="credentials git git-client" .

Optional arguments:

  • LTS_RELEASES - list of LTS releases to be published

    • Example: "2.60 2.73"

    • Default: all LTS lines returned by Jenkins Artifactory

    • Javadoc for the latest weekly will be published anyway

  • PLUGINS - list of plugins to be published

    • Example: "git github git-client"

    • Default: all plugins by the default Jenkins update site

Running image

Run command:

docker run --rm -p 9090:80 jenkinsinfra/javadoc-dev

After starting the image the update site will be available at DOCKER_HOST:9090, so you will be able to browse the contents similarly to Jenkins Javadoc.

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