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Add a brief informational page for redirects of abusive traffic to ci…


References INFRA-917
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rtyler committed Sep 6, 2016
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layout: simplepage
title: "Redirects from"

My build notifier is being redirected from
to this page! Help!

There have been a number of "Build Notifier" tools/scripts that have hit
over the years, because it is a highly visible Jenkins installation and makes
for a good out-of-the-box default.

The problem with *many* of these tools is that they impose unnecessary and
sometimes even _abusive_ loads on our Jenkins installation.

If you are being redirected to this page, that means you are using a known
"Build Notifier" which has been responsible for unnecessary/abusive traffic to
our infrastructure (see also:

NOTE: We have introduced this page as an alternative to banning IP addresses that
send traffic. That is still an option if abusive traffic persists.

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