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Merge pull request #554 from daniel-beck/JENKINS-40810

[JENKINS-40810] Mention effect of Remoting 3 on Maven builds
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rtyler committed Jan 19, 2017
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@@ -80,6 +80,7 @@ <h3><a name=v2.32.1>What's new in 2.32.1</a> (2016-12-24)</h3>
<li class="major rfe">
Upgrade Remoting to version 3.1 with <a href="">JNLP4-connect protocol</a>.
<a href="">Compatibility notes are available here</a>.
Notably, it is no longer possible to use JDK 6 for the Maven project type, as communication with the Maven process uses Remoting, and it now requires Java 7.
(<a href="">issue 37564</a>,
<a href="">issue 36871</a>,
<a href="">issue 37565</a>)
@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@ If that happens, set the System property `jenkins.slaves.DefaultJnlpSlaveReceive[Learn more about system properties in Jenkins.]

Additionally, this is the first remoting release that requires Java 7. While agents have needed Java 7 for a while now, remoting is also used to communicate with the Maven process in the Maven project type in the Maven Integration Plugin. These builds now needs a JDK 7 or newer to run. Use toolchains to compile with an older version of Java.

==== Administrative monitors are now shown on most pages

_Administrative monitors_ are the notifications only shown on the _Manage Jenkins_ page so far.

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