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[JENKINS-44108] - Mention Work Directories in Jenkins 2.73.1 upgrade guide
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To restore the previous behavior, configure a global *Project default Build Authorization* setting the default authorization to that of the anonymous user.
This feature has been implemented in Authorize Project Plugin version 1.2.0.

==== Remoting Work Directories


The embedded link:https:/projects/remoting/[Jenkins Remoting] version has been updated from 3.7 to 3.10.
It introduces support of work directories, which may be used by Remoting to store caches, logs and other metadata.

Once work directory mode is enabled, Jenkins agents start writing logs to the disk and change the default destination of the filesystem JAR Cache.
In Remoting this opt-in feature can be enabled using the `-workDir=${ROOT_DIR}` command-line option, but the Jenkins defines custom behavior for some agent launchers:

* Java Web Start Launcher (aka _JNLP agent_)
** Old agents: Work directory needs to be enabled manually
** New agents created from Web UI: Work directory is enabled by default, work directory points to _Remote root directory_ of the agent.
** New agents created from CLI/API: Behavior depends on the passed configuration file, work directory is disabled by default
* Command Launcher
** No changes, work directory should be manually enabled in launch settings if required
* Other Launcher types (e.g. SSH Launcher)
** The behavior is defined in plugins, which have independent release cycle
** Follow updates in tickets linked to link:[JENKINS-44108]

You can find more information, examples and upgrade guides in link:[Jenkins Remoting documentation].

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