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Site layout

The update center image contains the following pieces.

  • Version specific update sites like and update sites that advertises the versions of plugins that are supported for different version ranges of masters. See
  • current: update site for the rest of masters, which advertises the latest of everything.
  • /download tree: an URL space that covers all the versions of all the plugins released to date. Thoes URLs are then redirected to
  • experimental: update site for experimental plugins that advertises alpha and beta versions, in addition to what the current update site has.
  • latest: symlink to current/latest
  • latestCore.txt: a short text file that captures the current latest version of Jenkins.
  • pluginCount.txt: a short text file that captures the number of plugins in the current update center
  • release-history.json: Timeline of what plugins have been released when. Useful for usage analytics.
  • update sites for LTS versions of Jenkins
  • stable: backward compatibility with older LTS masters that explicitly configure this URL as their update center. Symlink to the latest update site
  • update-center.*: symlink to current/update-center.*
  • updates: symlink to current/updates

Per site

  • latest tree (example) is a collection of permalinks to the latest version of every plugin in this update site.
  • latestCore.txt contains the latest version of the core in this update site.
  • update-center.js, update-center.json, and update-center.json.html contain actual update center metadata in JSON, JSONP, and HTML format respectively.