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Expand Up @@ -29,7 +29,16 @@ e.g. for the default Jenkins X CI/CD pipelines edit either:
* `release.yaml` to edit the Release [Task](, [Pipeline]( or [PipelineRun](

You can test out changes to the Pull Request pipeline by submitting changes in a Pull Request. Changes to a release only take place after merging the change to the main branch.

### Overriding steps

The default pipelines use the default [Jenkins X Catalog](/v3/develop/pipelines/catalog/) and so the details of the steps such as the container image and commands used are often inherited.

You can override steps locally by:

* [Overriding a pipeilne step locally](/v3/develop/pipelines/catalog/#overriding-a-pipeline-step-locally) so that you inline the step details into your local YAML file and then edit accordingly.
* [Override a specific step property locally such as the script property](/v3/develop/pipelines/catalog/#overriding-specific-properties-of-a-step-locally) which lets you just inline, say, the `script` commands to modify the commands run

### Tools

* [viewing the effective pipeline](/v3/develop/pipelines/catalog/#viewing-the-effective-pipeline)
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