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// +build !ignore_autogenerated
// Code generated by openapi-gen. DO NOT EDIT.
// This file was autogenerated by openapi-gen. Do not edit it manually!
package k8s_io_apimachinery_intstr_unversioned
import (
intstr ""
common ""
func GetOpenAPIDefinitions(ref common.ReferenceCallback) map[string]common.OpenAPIDefinition {
return map[string]common.OpenAPIDefinition{
"": schema_apimachinery_pkg_util_intstr_IntOrString(ref),
func schema_apimachinery_pkg_util_intstr_IntOrString(ref common.ReferenceCallback) common.OpenAPIDefinition {
return common.OpenAPIDefinition{
Schema: spec.Schema{
SchemaProps: spec.SchemaProps{
Description: "IntOrString is a type that can hold an int32 or a string. When used in JSON or YAML marshalling and unmarshalling, it produces or consumes the inner type. This allows you to have, for example, a JSON field that can accept a name or number.",
Type: intstr.IntOrString{}.OpenAPISchemaType(),
Format: intstr.IntOrString{}.OpenAPISchemaFormat(),
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