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package kube
const (
// ChartAmbassador the default chart for ambassador
ChartAmbassador = "datawire/ambassador"
// ChartAnchore the default chart for the Anchore plugin
ChartAnchore = "stable/anchore-engine"
// ChartCloudBees the default name of the CloudBees addon chart
ChartCloudBees = "cb/core"
// ChartExposecontrollerService the default name of the Exposecontroller Service chart for Edit environments
ChartExposecontrollerService = "jenkins-x/exposecontroller-service"
// ChartAnchore the default chart for the Anchore plugin
ChartPipelineEvent = "jenkins-x/pipeline-events-addon"
// ChartGitea the default name of the gitea chart
ChartGitea = "jenkins-x/gitea"
// ChartIstio the default chart for the Istio chart
ChartIstio = "install/kubernetes/helm/istio"
// ChartKubeless the default chart for kubeless
ChartKubeless = "incubator/kubeless"
// ChartProw the default chart for Prow
ChartProw = "jenkins-x/prow"
// ChartKnative the default chart for knative
ChartKnativeBuild = "jenkins-x/knative-build"
ChartBuildTemplates = "jenkins-x/jx-build-templates"
DefaultProwReleaseName = "jx-prow"
DefaultKnativeBuildReleaseName = "knative-build"
DefaultBuildTemplatesReleaseName = "jx-build-templates"
// Charts Single Sign-On addon
ChartSsoOperator = "jenkinsxio/sso-operator"
DefaultSsoOperatorReleaseName = "jx-sso-operator"
ChartSsoDex = "jenkinsxio/dex"
DefaultSsoDexReleaseName = "jx-sso-dex"
// ChartVaultOperator the default chart for vault opeator
ChartVaultOperator = "jenkinsxio/vault-operator"
DefaultVaultOperatorReleaseName = "vault-operator"
// ServiceJenkins is the name of the Jenkins Service
ServiceJenkins = "jenkins"
// SecretJenkins is the name of the Jenkins secret
SecretJenkins = "jenkins"
// ServiceCloudBees the service name of the CloudBees app for Kubernetes
ServiceCloudBees = "cb-core"
// ServiceChartMuseum the service name of the Helm ChartMuseum service
ServiceChartMuseum = "jenkins-x-chartmuseum"
// ServiceKubernetesDashboard the Kubernetes dashboard
ServiceKubernetesDashboard = "jenkins-x-kubernetes-dashboard"
// SecretJenkinsChartMuseum the chart museum secret
SecretJenkinsChartMuseum = "jenkins-x-chartmuseum"
// SecretJenkinsReleaseGPG the GPG secrets for doing releases
SecretJenkinsReleaseGPG = "jenkins-release-gpg"
// SecretJenkinsPipelinePrefix prefix for a jenkins pipeline secret name
SecretJenkinsPipelinePrefix = "jx-pipeline-"
// SecretJenkinsPipelineAddonCredentials the chat credentials secret
SecretJenkinsPipelineAddonCredentials = "jx-pipeline-addon-"
// SecretJenkinsPipelineChatCredentials the chat credentials secret
SecretJenkinsPipelineChatCredentials = "jx-pipeline-chat-"
// SecretJenkinsPipelineGitCredentials the git credentials secret
SecretJenkinsPipelineGitCredentials = "jx-pipeline-git-"
// SecretJenkinsPipelineIssueCredentials the issue tracker credentials secret
SecretJenkinsPipelineIssueCredentials = "jx-pipeline-issues-"
// ConfigMapExposecontroller the name of the ConfigMap with the Exposecontroller configuration
ConfigMapExposecontroller = "exposecontroller"
// ConfigMapIngressConfig the new name of the ConfigMap with the Exposecontroller configuration
ConfigMapIngressConfig = "ingress-config"
// ConfigMapJenkinsX the name of the ConfigMap with the Jenkins configuration
ConfigMapJenkinsX = "jenkins"
// ConfigMapJenkinsPodTemplates is the ConfigMap containing all the Pod Templates available
ConfigMapJenkinsPodTemplates = "jenkins-x-pod-templates"
// ConfigMapJenkinsTeamController is the ConfigMap containing the TeamController config files
ConfigMapJenkinsTeamController = "jenkins-x-team-controller"
// ConfigMapJenkinsDockerRegistry is the ConfigMap containing the Docker Registry configuration
ConfigMapJenkinsDockerRegistry = "jenkins-x-docker-registry"
// ConfigMapNameJXInstallConfig is the ConfigMap containing the jx installation's CA and server url. Used by jx login
ConfigMapNameJXInstallConfig = "jx-install-config"
// LocalHelmRepoName is the default name of the local chart repository where CI/CD releases go to
LocalHelmRepoName = "releases"
// DeploymentExposecontrollerService the name of the Deployment for the Exposecontroller Service
DeploymentExposecontrollerService = "exposecontroller-service"
// DeploymentProwBuild the name of the Deployment for the Prow webhook engine
DeploymentProwBuild = "prow-build"
DefaultEnvironmentGitRepoURL = ""
DefaultOrganisationGitRepoURL = ""
// AnnotationTitle the human readable name of a resource which can include mixed case, spaces and punctuation
AnnotationTitle = "title"
// AnnotationDescription the tooltip / texual description of an resource
AnnotationDescription = "description"
// LabelKind to indicate the kind of auth, such as Git or Issue
LabelKind = ""
// ValueKindAddon an addon auth secret/credentials
ValueKindAddon = "addon"
// ValueKindChat a chat auth secret/credentials
ValueKindChat = "chat"
// ValueKindGit a git auth secret/credentials
ValueKindGit = "git"
// ValueKindIssue an issue auth secret/credentials
ValueKindIssue = "issue"
// ValueKindCVE an addon auth secret/credentials
ValueKindCVE = "cve"
// ValueKindCVE an addon auth PipelineEvent
ValueKindPipelineEvent = "PipelineEvent"
// ValueKindEnvironmentRole to indicate a Role which maps to an EnvironmentRoleBinding
ValueKindEnvironmentRole = "EnvironmentRole"
// ValueKindCVE an addon auth PipelineEvent
ValueKindRelease = "Release"
// ValueKindEditNamespace for edit namespace
ValueKindEditNamespace = "editspace"
// LabelServiceKind the label to indicate the auto Server's Kind
LabelServiceKind = ""
// LabelCreatedBy indicates the service that created this resource
LabelCreatedBy = ""
// LabelPodTemplate the name of the pod template for a DevPod
LabelPodTemplate = ""
// LabelDevPodName the name of a dev pod
LabelDevPodName = ""
// LabelDevPodUsername the user name owner of the DeVPod
LabelDevPodUsername = ""
// LabelUsername the user name owner of a namespace or resource
LabelUsername = ""
// ValueCreatedByJX for resources created by the Jenkins X CLI
ValueCreatedByJX = "jx"
// LabelCredentialsType the kind of jenkins credential for a secret
LabelCredentialsType = ""
// ValueCredentialTypeUsernamePassword for user password credential secrets
ValueCredentialTypeUsernamePassword = "usernamePassword"
// ValueCredentialTypeSecretFile for secret files
ValueCredentialTypeSecretFile = "secretFile"
// LabelTeam indicates the team name an environment belongs to
LabelTeam = "team"
// LabelEnvironment indicates the name of the environment
LabelEnvironment = "env"
// LabelValueDevEnvironment is the value of the LabelTeam label for Development environments (system namespace)
LabelValueDevEnvironment = "dev"
// LabelJobKind the kind of job
LabelJobKind = ""
// ValueJobKindPostPreview
ValueJobKindPostPreview = "post-preview-step"
// AnnotationURL indicates a service/server's URL
AnnotationURL = ""
// AnnotationExpose used to expose service using exposecontroller
AnnotationExpose = ""
// AnnotationIngress tells exposecontroller to annotate generated ingress rule with values
AnnotationIngress = ""
// AnnotationExposePort indicates to the exposecontroller which service port to expose
//in case a service has multiple prots
AnnotationExposePort = ""
// AnnotationName indicates a service/server's textual name (can be mixed case, contain spaces unlike Kubernetes resources)
AnnotationName = ""
// AnnotationCredentialsDescription the description text for a Credential on a Secret
AnnotationCredentialsDescription = ""
// AnnotationWorkingDir the working directory, such as for a DevPod
AnnotationWorkingDir = ""
// AnnotationLocalDir the local directory that is sync'd to the DevPod
AnnotationLocalDir = ""
// AnnotationIsDefaultStorageClass used to indicate a storageclass is default
AnnotationIsDefaultStorageClass = ""
// AnnotationReleaseName is the name of the annotation that stores the release name in the preview environment
AnnotationReleaseName = ""
// SecretDataUsername the username in a Secret/Credentials
SecretDataUsername = "username"
// SecretDataPassword the password in a Secret/Credentials
SecretDataPassword = "password"
// SecretBasicAuth the name for the Jenkins X basic auth secret
SecretBasicAuth = "jx-basic-auth"
JenkinsAdminApiToken = "jenkins-admin-api-token"
JenkinsAdminUserField = "jenkins-admin-user"
JenkinsBearTokenField = "jenkins-bearer-token"
AUTH = "auth"
Region = "Region"
var (
AddonCharts = map[string]string{
"ambassador": ChartAmbassador,
"anchore": ChartAnchore,
"cb": ChartCloudBees,
"gitea": ChartGitea,
"istio": ChartIstio,
"kubeless": ChartKubeless,
"prometheus": "stable/prometheus",
"grafana": "stable/grafana",
"jx-build-templates": "jenkins-x/jx-build-templates",
DefaultProwReleaseName: ChartProw,
DefaultKnativeBuildReleaseName: ChartKnativeBuild,
DefaultSsoDexReleaseName: ChartSsoDex,
DefaultSsoOperatorReleaseName: ChartSsoOperator,
DefaultVaultOperatorReleaseName: ChartVaultOperator,
AddonServices = map[string]string{
"anchore": "anchore-anchore-engine",
"pipeline-events": "jx-pipeline-events-elasticsearch-client",
"grafana": "grafana",