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@jenkins-x-bot jenkins-x-bot released this Apr 16, 2019 · 44 commits to master since this release

To install jx 2.0.3 see the install guide


curl -L | tar xzv 
sudo mv jx /usr/local/bin


brew tap jenkins-x/jx
brew install jx


Bug Fixes

  • if a webhook has an old secret lets replace it
  • revert regression of moving to logrus everywhere
  • polish the envctl addon command
  • disable prow-build for tekton
  • lets default to tekton over knative build now
  • lets default to use no-tiller
  • lets allow the version repo and branch/ref to be specified


  • polish the choices and make tekton the default


  • regenerate
  • regenerated mocks
  • regenerate source

Other Changes

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  • release 2.0.3
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