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Welcome! Any kinds of contributions are very welcome. Please go through our contribution guide before you create a Pull Request for jcli.


jcli is a command line interface. So a CLI framework is super important for us. Thanks to cobra. It powers us to do a better job.

Jenkins REST API

API is another important part of this project. jcli manages Jenkins by the REST API. There is no full specification for this API at the moment, Jenkins core and plugins provide documentation independently. You can figure it by yourself, or just join our gitter room to ask about specific APIs if needed.

Useful links:


We use a BDD Testing Framework to test our project. Please make sure you're familiar with ginkgo before you get start to contribute.

Pull Requests

Before you get started, please fork this project into your GitHub account. Then create a git branch base on what you want to improve. Please consider never using the master branch as your development branch. And the behaviour of the git force push is not encouraged when submitting pull requests.

Please do not create another Pull Request if you messed up your git commit records.

In order to generate nice release notes, please consider writing a proper Pull Request title. release-draft will generate the notes base your title.


Quality is the heart of a project. So please make sure your Pull Request could pass the Sonar Quality Gate.

Metric Operator Value
Coverage is less than 90.0%
Duplicated Lines(%) is greater than 3.0%
Maintainablity Rating is worse than A
Blocker Issues is greater than 1
Code Smells is greater than 1
Reliablity Rating is worse than A
Security Rating is worse than A

Good Start

The newbie issues are the good start.

Git Backup

We use git-backup-actions to backup this repo into gitee.

Develop Environment

If you want to involve in this project, you need to execute the following command: make tools

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