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An adapter of Jenkins update center.


Jenkins downloads the plugins by parsing the JSON file which comes from a update center. One thing that you might already noticed is about the speed of downloading. Accessing a global storage for everyone could be slow although there're many mirror sites.

If you deep into the file update-center.json. Almost every mirror file is base on So, the result is that these mirror sites can only speed up the process of downloading file update-center.json. Jenkins can download the .hpi from your target mirror site.


It's might not be a good idea to change the update-center.json file directly. keeping sync all files should be simple without other logic.

Second, you need to provide a certificate file if you changed the update-center.json. Because Jenkins will validate the file before parsing it. It's necessary due to the safety reason.


  • Create an adapter to replace the base URL
  • Provide a certificate file

How to

Here's a prototype implement which added into localization-zh-cn-plugin. You Just need to take three steps if you want to use a real mirror of update center:

  • install localization-zh-cn-plugin 1.0.10
  • use the new certificate file
  • change the update center URL


Please don't hesitate to tell us your thoughts.