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[JENKINS-25917] [JENKINS-32377] Let cookie test case run with 2.x only.
Actually use a job name in the cookie test case that contains spaces.
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uhafner committed May 9, 2016
1 parent fa45d4c commit 75c8f774c6474f5bfb6a67b256b4acff57a977fc
Showing 1 changed file with 4 additions and 6 deletions.
@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
import org.custommonkey.xmlunit.XMLUnit;
import org.jenkinsci.test.acceptance.junit.AbstractJUnitTest;
import org.jenkinsci.test.acceptance.junit.Resource;
import org.jenkinsci.test.acceptance.junit.Since;
import org.jenkinsci.test.acceptance.plugins.analysis_core.AnalysisAction;
import org.jenkinsci.test.acceptance.plugins.analysis_core.AnalysisAction.Tab;
import org.jenkinsci.test.acceptance.plugins.analysis_core.AnalysisConfigurator;
@@ -201,15 +202,12 @@ protected void assertThatProjectPageTrendIsCorrect(final FreeStyleJob job, final
* to re-enable the trend. Finally, this link is clicked in order open the trend configuration again.
@Issue({"JENKINS-25917", "JENKINS-32377"})
@Issue({"JENKINS-25917", "JENKINS-32377"}) @Since("2.0")
public void should_store_trend_selection_in_cookie() {
FreeStyleJob job = buildJobTwoTimesInARow();

// FIXME: renaming of a job does change the name but not the URL
// job.configure();
// job.setName("_", " "));
// clickButton("Yes");
assertThat(, containsString("_"));
job = job.renameTo("_", " "));

AnalysisAction action = createProjectAction(job);
verifyTrendGraphOverview(job, action);

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