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[FIXED JENKINS-10086] if we failed to check the account disabled flag…
…, assume it's enabled.
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kohsuke committed Jun 29, 2011
1 parent bba459e commit b2092a981d79677d3fbd084a9b44dab74c061bb0
Showing 1 changed file with 17 additions and 2 deletions.
@@ -103,13 +103,28 @@ protected UserDetails retrieveUser(String username, UsernamePasswordAuthenticati

return new ActiveDirectoryUserDetail(
username, password,
true, true, true,
groups.toArray(new GrantedAuthority[groups.size()])

protected String getDnOfUserOrGroup(String userOrGroupname) {
private boolean isAccountDisabled(IADsUser usr) {
try {
return usr.accountDisabled();
} catch (ComException e) {
if (e.getHRESULT()==0x8000500D)
See and JENKINS-10086
We suspect this to be caused by old directory items that do not have this value,
so assume this account is enabled.
return false;

protected String getDnOfUserOrGroup(String userOrGroupname) {
_Command cmd = ClassFactory.createCommand();

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