Amazon EC2 Container Service Plugin for Jenkins
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Amazon EC2 Container Service Plugin for Jenkins

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This Jenkins plugin do use Amazon EC2 Container Service to host jobs execution inside docker containers.

  • see Jenkins wiki for detailed feature descriptions
  • use JIRA to report issues / feature requests

Building the Plugin

  $ java -version # Need Java 1.8, earlier versions are unsupported for build
  $ mvn -version # Need a modern maven version; maven 3.2.5 and 3.5.0 are known to work
  $ mvn clean install

To run locally, execute the following command and open the browser http://localhost:8080/jenkins/

  $ mvn -e hpi:run


Philipp Garbe (GitHub, Twitter) Douglas Manley (GitHub) Jan Roehrich (GitHub)

Documentation and Installation

Please find the documentation on the Jenkins Wiki page Amazon EC2 Container Service Plugin.