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Android Emulator plugin for Jenkins

Revert "[JENKINS-11952] Remove redundant (dis)connect calls while wai…

…ting for startup."

This reverts commit f2fcd2f.

This is required as, per the previous commit, we're using the "localhost" style
of emulator connection string once again.
latest commit 5bdae99c65
Christopher Orr orrc authored

Android Emulator Plugin for Jenkins

Provides numerous features for Android development and testing during Jenkins builds, including:

  • Creating Android emulators on-demand
  • Running an Android emulator during a build
  • Automatically installing the Android SDK on Jenkins slaves, where required
  • Detecting which Android platforms are required to build one or more projects and installing them automatically
  • Generating Ant build files for any app, test or library projects found in the workspace
  • Installing/uninstalling Android packages
  • Running the monkey stress-testing tool
  • Parsing output from running monkey and marking a build as unstable/faild

For more information, visit the wiki page:

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