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Android Emulator Plugin for Jenkins

Provides numerous features for Android development and testing during Jenkins builds, including:

  • Creating Android emulators on-demand
  • Running an Android emulator during a build
  • Automatically installing the Android SDK on Jenkins agents, where required
  • Detecting which Android platforms are required to build one or more projects and installing them automatically
  • Generating Ant build files for any app, test, or library projects found in the workspace
  • Installing/uninstalling Android packages
  • Running the monkey stress-testing tool
  • Parsing output from running monkey and marking a build as unstable/failed

For more information, visit the wiki page:

Seeking New Maintainer

Due to time constraints, other commitments, and the values of the Jenkins project not aligning with my own, I am seeking a new maintainer. Create a ticket on if interested and/or follow the guidance in if you're interested in becoming the maintainer of the plugin.