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[JENKINS-11516] Detect when AVD cannot be created due to missing ABI.
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orrc committed Nov 18, 2011
1 parent 860addc commit 4647bd4be941cc0ea227e30c81e66ebdf3e94816
@@ -538,10 +538,16 @@ public Boolean call() throws AndroidEmulatorException {
// For reasons unknown, the return code may not be correctly reported on Windows.
// So check whether stderr contains failure info (useful for other platforms too).
String errOutput = stderr.toString();
if (errOutput.toString().contains("list targets")) {
if (errOutput.contains("list targets")) {
AndroidEmulator.log(logger, Messages.INVALID_AVD_TARGET(osVersion.getTargetName()));
avdCreated = false;
errOutput = null;
} else if (errOutput.contains("more than one ABI")) {
// TODO: Currently we assume this message means there are *no* ABIs installed...
// TODO: See JENKINS-11516
AndroidEmulator.log(logger, Messages.ABI_REQUIRED(osVersion.getTargetName()), true);
avdCreated = false;
errOutput = null;

// Check everything went ok
@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@ SD_CARD_CREATION_FAILED=Could not add SD card to emulator:
SDK_NOT_SPECIFIED=Android SDK directory needs to be specified in order to create an emulator
SDK_NOT_FOUND=Cannot find Android SDK at ''{0}''
INVALID_AVD_TARGET=The desired AVD platform ''{0}'' is not installed on this machine
ABI_REQUIRED=The desired platform ''{0}'' requires that you install a system image in order to create an AVD.\nUse the Android SDK Manager to install the ''ARM EABI v7a System Image'' for this platform.
AVD_CREATION_FAILED=Failed to run AVD creation command
AVD_CREATION_ABORTED=AVD creation command failed to complete normally
AVD_CREATION_INTERRUPTED=Interrupted while creating new emulator

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