Collection of Maven archetypes to get developers started
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Maven archetypes to help you create new components involving Jenkins, such as plugins.


To see all currently released archetypes and pick one to instantiate:

mvn archetype:generate -Dfilter=io.jenkins.archetypes:

It is also possible to run this noninteractively:

mvn archetype:generate -B -DarchetypeGroupId=io.jenkins.archetypes -DarchetypeArtifactId=empty-plugin -DarchetypeVersion=1.1 -DartifactId=somefeature

In olden times, people used mvn hpi:create or even a web-based tool to create new plugins. This has been deprecated in favor of the new archetypes, which cover more scenarios and require no special tooling.

The NetBeans IDE also offers a plugin for Jenkins development which offers a Jenkins plugin archetype via the File » New Project wizard.


1.4 (2018 Mar 12)

  • Added JenkinsPipelineUnit archetypes.

1.3 (2018 Feb 09)

  • Changed default package name to use io.jenkins. prefix.
  • Sundry POM updates.

1.2 (2017 Oct 12)

  • Added sample of GlobalConfiguration.
  • Empty plugin archetype includes a test root.
  • Sample .gitignore files included for the convenience of people using Git.


To create a new archetype, file a pull request creating a new module, following the examples currently here. Important pieces:

  • pom.xml must have <packaging>maven-archetype</packaging>
  • should also have a <description>
  • src/main/resources/META-INF/maven/archetype-metadata.xml defines files and directories to be copied & processed
  • src/main/resources/archetype-resources/: the template for the new component (remember a sample .gitignore)
  • src/test/resources/projects/testInstall/{goal.txt,}: defines an integration test, proving that the archetype can not just be instantiated, but builds successfully thereafter

Archetypes are expected to use technologies hosted in @jenkinsci (or a few other places pulled in by Jenkins core, such as @stapler). Other archetypes can be developed in a profile but will not be published. Releasing:

mvn -B release:{prepare,perform}

In addition to needing write permission to this repository, you must have been preauthorized to deploy to the io/jenkins/archetypes/ sector of OSSRH.

Artifacts will appear on Maven Central after a few minutes. But as noted in OSSRH-34275, the catalog only gets regenerated weekly; to check it:

curl -s | xmlstarlet sel -R -I -t -c '//archetype[groupId="io.jenkins.archetypes"]'

If testing their appearance, be sure to use a clean environment:

docker run -ti --rm --name mvn --entrypoint /bin/bash maven:3.5.0-jdk-8


  • HelloWorldBuilderTest should use BuildWatcher
  • convert ui-samples-plugin to an archetype
  • .gitignore files do not get copied to actual archetype
  • add Step sample as per this example