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ArchiveFilesSCM - Jenkins plugin to download archive files and extract to job workspace
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ArchiveFilesSCM plugin for Jenkins checkouts archive files and extracts to Jenkins job workspace


  • checkouts archive file only when last modified date(last-modified header returned when connecting to a URL) changes from last checkout date

  • supports pooling using the same above logic

  • supports extraction of zip,tar,gz,jar,war,ear files

  • detects type of archive file based on file name (i.e URL must end with zip,tar,tar.gz,jar,war,ear)

  • supports basic authentication

  • supports connection through proxy

  • supports running on slave

  • supports http:// and file:// protocols e.g - URL can be

    • file:///C:/Arjun/felix.jar (On Windows)
    • file:///home/arjun/felix.jar (On Unix/Linux)

Note: If the type is unknown the plugin will simply copy the file to workspace

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