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[JENKINS-32770] Add help file about RUN_SCRIPTS

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stephenc committed Feb 8, 2016
1 parent 4e5fa85 commit 05252731e3a01375bd2ce84b75bdd07e4e4567a3
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When enabled, regular users will be able to change the configuration of jobs that use this strategy.
This may open up a security risk as the users could potentially configure the job to run scripts
which would enable an ecalation of privilidges attack.
<br />
When disabled, only users with the <code>RUN_SCRIPTS</code> permisson will be able to either select
this strategy or reconfigure a job that uses this strategy.
<br />
<strong>NOTE:</strong> The RUN_SCRIPTS permission is the highest permission available in Jenkins.
By default, all administator users will have the RUN_SCRIPTS permission.

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