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tools crawler
Groovy Shell
Latest commit ba4e128 @daniel-beck daniel-beck Merge pull request #45 from 15knots/master
Send unique User-Agent header for
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lib cut off noisy HtmlUnit
.gitignore gitignore /.idea Doc update
allure.groovy Allure crawler
ant.groovy [FIXED JENKINS-23826] Allow automatic install of Maven 3.2.2
buckminster.groovy add a crawler for buckminster
chromedriver.groovy chromedriver download page has been moved. Need to use a newer groovy
cmake.groovy Send unique User-Agent header, as the download site is planning to
golang.groovy [FIXED JENKINS-24329] Update Go crawler to handle download site changes.
gradle.groovy [JENKINS-22237] Gradle available versions should be in descending order.
grails.groovy use GVM API for grails
groovy.groovy [JENKINS-28502] fixed Groovy crawler
jdk.groovy I shouldn't edit after I've tested...
leiningen.groovy Lein crawler
maven.groovy INFRA-181 : Append recent releases from Maven central and not from Ap…
mongodb.groovy extracting the commonality to create the postMessage version
msbuildsonarquberunner.groovy Add crawler for MSBuild SonarQube Runner
nodejs.groovy JENKINS-30380: Downloads of NodeJS binaries are now in https
packer.groovy Use bintray API to compute packer tools list
perl.groovy extracting the commonality to create the postMessage version
play.groovy extracting the commonality to create the postMessage version
pom.xml updating the dependencies so that IDEA can resolve dependencies
recipe.groovy forgot to have the URL
sbt.groovy Update sbt crawler to support new download site
sbuild.groovy Removed commented out code.
scala.groovy Marking as executable
scriptler.groovy skip test script
sonarrunner.groovy SONARJNKNS-196 Rename Sonar -> SonarQube

Infra Backend Crawlers

These scripts generate machine readable tool installer metadata. You need Groovy 2.0 or later to run them. You can add new one by doing monkey-see monkey-do. Any one of these scripts are individually runnable, for example:

$ ./mongodb.groovy
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