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Bitbucket Push and Pull Request Plugin

Plugin for Jenkins v2.138.2 or later, that trigger builds on Bitbucket's push and pull requests. It's based on the Sazo's fork ( of the official Bitbucket Plugin (

The new features introduced by Bitbucket Push and Pull Request are:

  • support of pull requests (thanks Sazo)
  • usage of Gson instead of net.sf.json.JSONObject (blacklisted starting from Jenkins 2.102+)
  • Introduction of Models and security improvements

Bitbucket Push and Pull Request supports the Bitbucket rest api v2.x+ and later.

For infos about the plugin's configuration please visit the webpage

Why another BitBucket plugin?

The main reasons why we should have IMHO a new bitbucket plugin are not only related to the missing pull request functionality. In particular:

Pipeline script

Example of pipeline code for building on pull-request create event. It merge from source to target in the PR.

            $class: 'BitBucketPPRTrigger',
            triggers : [
                    $class: 'BitBucketPPRPullRequestTriggerFilter',
                    actionFilter: [
                        $class: 'BitBucketPPRPullRequestCreatedActionFilter'
node {
        def sourceBranch = ""
        def targetBranch = ""
            sourceBranch = "${BITBUCKET_SOURCE_BRANCH}";
            targetBranch = "${BITBUCKET_TARGET_BRANCH}";

        if(sourceBranch == ""){
            sourceBranch = 'development'

        if(targetBranch == ""){
            targetBranch = 'master'

        checkout changelog: true, poll: true, scm: [
            $class: 'GitSCM',
            branches: [
                [name: '*/'+sourceBranch]
            doGenerateSubmoduleConfigurations: false,
            extensions: [
                    $class: 'PreBuildMerge',
                    options: [
                        fastForwardMode: 'FF',
                        mergeRemote: 'origin',
                        mergeStrategy: 'recursive',
                        mergeTarget: ''+targetBranch
            submoduleCfg: [],
            userRemoteConfigs: [
                    url: 'https://[user][org]/[repo].git']

        echo 'Some build steps'