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node ('docker') {
def DEFAULT_BUILD_NUM = 'latest'
def NO_BUILD_NUM = ''
// Allow the pipeline to be built with parameters, defaulting the
// Blue Ocean branch name to be that of the ATH branch name. If no such branch
// of Blue Ocean exists, then the ATH will just run against the master branch of
// Blue Ocean.
string(name: 'BLUEOCEAN_REPO_URL', defaultValue: DEFAULT_REPO, description: 'The Blue Ocean repository against which the tests on this ATH branch will run. If you want to validate a fork, you can change this.'),
string(name: 'BLUEOCEAN_BRANCH_NAME', defaultValue: "${env.BRANCH_NAME}", description: 'Blue Ocean branch name (on the above repository) against which the tests on this ATH branch will run.'),
string(name: 'BUILD_NUM', defaultValue: DEFAULT_BUILD_NUM, description: 'The Blue Ocean build number from the CI server. Used to get pre-assembled Jenkins plugins Vs building (see above repo settings). Use a valid build number, or "latest" to get artifacts from the latest build. Otherwise, leave blank to build the latest code from the branch.<br/><strong>NOTE:</strong> Uses the above BLUEOCEAN_BRANCH_NAME to determine the upstream build Job name from which to get the pre-assembled archives.')
]), buildDiscarder(logRotator(artifactNumToKeepStr: '40', numToKeepStr: '40')), pipelineTriggers([])])
def repoUrl;
def branchName;
def buildNumber;
def LAST_COMPLETED_BUILD_SELSECTOR = [$class: 'LastCompletedBuildSelector'];
try {
buildNumber = "${BUILD_NUM}"
} catch (e) {
echo "********************************************************************************************"
echo "The build parameters for this branch are not yet initialized (or were modified)."
echo "Will attempt to run the ATH against the pre-assembled HPIs from the latest build of."
echo "${env.BRANCH_NAME}, falling back to the master branch build if there are no builds"
echo "on that branch Job."
echo "********************************************************************************************"
branchName = env.BRANCH_NAME
stage 'init'
checkout scm
// Run selenium in a docker container of its own on the host.
sh "./"
// Encode the branch name. Need to do it out here because of JENKINS-34973.
def urlEncodedBranchName = URLEncoder.encode(branchName, "UTF-8").replace("+", "%20");
try {
// Build an image from the the local Dockerfile
sh 'docker build -t blueocean-ath-builder --build-arg GID=$(id -g ${USER}) --build-arg UID=$(id -u ${USER}) .'
def athImg = docker.image('blueocean-ath-builder')
// fetch Maven configuration managed by Config File Provider plugin
// to change it, go to Manage Jenkins > Managed files
configFileProvider([configFile(fileId: 'blueocean-maven-settings', targetLocation: 'settings.xml')]) {
// Run the build container, giving it the same network stack as the selenium
// container.
// To bind in the local ~/.m2 when running in dev mode, simply add the following
// volume binding to the "inside" container run settings (change username from "tfennelly"):
// -v /home/tfennelly/.m2:/home/bouser/.m2
athImg.inside("--net=container:blueo-selenium") {
try {
sh "echo 'Starting build stage'"
// Build blueocean and the ATH
stage 'build'
if (buildNumber == NO_BUILD_NUM) {
// This build of the ATH was not triggered from an upstream build of blueocean itself
// so we must get and build blueocean.
dir('blueocean-plugin') {
// Try checking out the Blue Ocean branch having the name supplied by build parameter. If that fails
// (i.e. doesn't exist ), just use the default/master branch and run the ATH tests against that.
try {
git(url: "${repoUrl}", branch: "${branchName}")
echo "Found a Blue Ocean branch named '${branchName}'. Running ATH against that branch."
} catch (Exception e) {
echo "No Blue Ocean branch named '${branchName}'. Running ATH against 'master' instead."
branchName = "master";
git(url: '', branch: "master")
// Need test-compile because the rest-impl has a test-jar that we
// need to make sure gets compiled and installed for other modules.
// Must cd into blueocean-plugin before running build
// see
sh "cd blueocean-plugin && mvn -B clean test-compile install -DskipTests -s ../settings.xml"
} else {
def selector;
// Get the ATH plugin set from an upstream build of the "blueocean" job. All blueocean builds
// already have the plugins pre-assembled and archived in a tar on the build.
if (buildNumber.toLowerCase() == "latest") {
} else {
// Get from a specific build number. This run may have been triggered from a
// build of a Blue Ocean branch.
selector = [$class: 'SpecificBuildSelector', buildNumber: "${buildNumber}"];
// Let's copy and extract that tar to where the ATH would expect the plugins to be.
// Try checking out the Blue Ocean branch having the name supplied by build parameter. If that fails
// (i.e. doesn't exist ), just use the default/master branch and run the ATH tests against that.
try {
step ([$class: 'CopyArtifact',
projectName: "blueocean/${urlEncodedBranchName}",
selector: selector,
filter: 'blueocean/target/ath-plugins.tar.gz']);
} catch (Exception e) {
echo ""
echo "Error copying pre-assembled plugins tar from Blue Ocean branch named '${urlEncodedBranchName}'."
echo " - Error message: ${e.getMessage()}"
echo " - Build selector used: '${selector}'."
echo " - Trying the last completed 'master' build instead..."
echo ""
branchName = "master";
buildNumber = DEFAULT_BUILD_NUM;
step ([$class: 'CopyArtifact',
projectName: "blueocean/master",
filter: 'blueocean/target/ath-plugins.tar.gz']);
echo ""
echo "Copying pre-assembled plugins tar from last completed 'master' build was successful."
echo ""
sh 'mkdir -p blueocean-plugin/blueocean'
sh 'tar xzf blueocean/target/ath-plugins.tar.gz -C blueocean-plugin/blueocean'
// Mark this as a pre-assembly. This tells the script to
// not perform the assembly again.
sh 'touch blueocean-plugin/blueocean/.pre-assembly'
sh "mvn -B clean install -DskipTests -s settings.xml"
// Run the ATH. Tell the run script to not try starting selenium. Selenium is
// already running in a docker container of it's on in the host. See call to
// ./ (above) and ./ (below).
stage 'run'
sh "./ -a=./blueocean-plugin/blueocean/ --no-selenium"
} catch (err) {
currentBuild.result = "FAILURE"
if (err.toString().contains('AbortException')) {
currentBuild.result = "ABORTED"
} finally {
sendhipchat(repoUrl, branchName, buildNumber, null)
step([$class: 'JUnitResultArchiver', testResults: 'target/surefire-reports/**/*.xml'])
} // configFileProvider
} finally {
sh "./"
def sendhipchat(repoUrl, branchName, buildNumber, err) {
def res = currentBuild.result
if(res == null) {
res = "SUCCESS"
def shortRepoURL = toShortRepoURL(repoUrl);
def repoBranchURL = toRepoBranchURL(repoUrl, branchName);
message = "ATH: <a href='${env.RUN_DISPLAY_URL}'>${env.JOB_NAME} #${env.BUILD_NUMBER}</a><br/>"
message += "- run against: <a href='${repoBranchURL}'>${shortRepoURL}:${branchName}</a>"
if (buildNumber == '') {
message += ' (HPIs built from branch source)<br/>'
} else {
message += " (HPIs from build #${buildNumber})<br/>"
if (err == null) {
message += "- result: ${res}"
} else {
message += "- result: ${res}<br/>"
message += "<pre>${drainStacktrace(err)}</pre>"
def color = null
if(res == "UNSTABLE") {
color = "YELLOW"
} else if(res == "SUCCESS"){
color = "GREEN"
} else if(res == "FAILURE") {
color = "RED"
} else if(res == "ABORTED") {
color = "GRAY"
if(color != null) {
hipchatSend message: message, color: color
def toShortRepoURL(repoURL) {
def parsedReproUri = new URI(repoURL)
def repoPath = parsedReproUri.getPath();
if (repoPath.startsWith("/")) {
repoPath = repoPath.substring(1);
repoPath = repoPath.replace('.git', '');
return repoPath;
def toRepoBranchURL(repoURL, branchName) {
def repoBranchURL = repoURL;
repoBranchURL = repoBranchURL.replace('.git', '');
repoBranchURL += '/tree/' + branchName;
return repoBranchURL;
def drainStacktrace(throwable) {
def stringWriter = new StringWriter();
throwable.printStackTrace(new PrintWriter(stringWriter));
def string = stringWriter.toString()
if (string.length() > 650) {
string = string.substring(0, 650) + ' (truncated) ...';
return string;