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Delete test which no longer works in 1.521+ due to improved core beha…

…vior from JENKINS-18407

Due to the improved core behavior, in JobInvocation.groovy's run()
method, schedule2() no longer returns null when invoked from the test.
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rodrigc committed Apr 30, 2016
1 parent 0e0b66d commit faeaa5cc2062f7c7b73073e201b12646e9538963
Showing with 0 additions and 56 deletions.
  1. +0 −56 src/test/groovy/com/cloudbees/plugins/flow/ConcurrencyTest.groovy
@@ -82,60 +82,4 @@ class ConcurrencyTest extends DSLTestCase {
assertRan(concjob1, 4, SUCCESS);

* Test that triggering multiple builds of the same non-concurrent build gives an appropriate error.
* This relies on the default quiet period of 5 seconds.
public void testConcurrencyWithNonConcurrentDownstream() {
Jenkins.instance.numExecutors = 8

File f1 = new File("target/concjob2.block")
// this will prevent job1 from running.

def concjob2 = createBlockingJob("concjob2", f1)

BuildFlow flow = new BuildFlow(Jenkins.instance, getName())
flow.concurrentBuild = true;
flow.dsl = """ build("concjob2") """

def sfr1 = flow.scheduleBuild2(0)
def fr1 = sfr1.waitForStart()

def sfr2 = flow.scheduleBuild2(0)
def fr2 = sfr2.waitForStart()

def sfr3 = flow.scheduleBuild2(0)
def fr3 = sfr3.waitForStart()

def sfr4 = flow.scheduleBuild2(0)
def fr4 = sfr4.waitForStart()

// we have a 5 second quiet period!
// This sleep does not add to the execution time of the test as we just wait for the builds to complete anyway.
println("releasing jobs")

// wait for all the flows to finish.

// all 4 jobs should not have completed successfully as some should have failed to scheduled a job.
// however there is some timing involved here so it could be a little intermittent.
// some of the next three should have failed.
def atLeastOneRunFailed = false;
for (run in [fr2, fr3, fr4] ) {
if (run.result.isWorseOrEqualTo(SUCCESS)) {
atLeastOneRunFailed = true
assertLogContains("Could not schedule job concjob2, ensure it is not already queued with the same parameters or is not disabled", run)
assertTrue("At least on build should have failed", atLeastOneRunFailed)

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