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Chef report handler for Jenkins deployment notification plugin
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LICENSE Initial version Mar 31, 2014

This is a Chef report handler that allows Jenkins to track when files are deployed where.


There are two ways to configure Chef Handler.

Via solo.rb or client.rb

Install chef-handler-jenkins gem upfront first:

$ gem install chef-handler-jenkins

Then configure Chef to use it with the following lines. For chef-solo, you can put that in your /etc/chef/solo.rb (or your local override). For chef-client, you can put that in your /etc/chef/client.rb.

require 'chef/handler/jenkins'
report_handlers << => '')

This approach is best suited if you own the operation environment and want to do the deployment integration without modifying recipes.

Via recipes

Use chef_handler cookbook and activate this handler via your recipe:

chef_gem 'chef-handler-jenkins'
require 'chef/handler/jenkins'

chef_handler 'Chef::Handler::Jenkins' do
  source 'chef/handler/jenkins'
  arguments :url => ''
  action :enable
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