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Contrast Jenkins Plugin

Repository for the Contrast Jenkins plugin. This plugin adds the ability to configure a connection to a Jenkins Build.


  • Jenkins version >= 2.60.3

Note: for Jenkins versions between 1.625.3 and 2.60.3, use plugin version 2.12.1


Contrast Docs


There are 2 charts that are generated after each build Vulnerability Trends Across Builds and Severity Trends Across Builds.

Here are two examples of the charts:

Severity Trends Across Builds

Vulnerability Trends Across Builds

Note: The Vulnerability Report is not supported by the pipeline step and jobs that have applications with overridden Vulnerability Security Controls. Your Contrast admin can override the Vulnerability Security Controls for certain applications using the Job Outcome Policies in Contrast.

Exported Configurations

TeamServer Profile Config

Contrast Vulnerability Security Controls Config

Building the plugin

mvn clean install

Running Locally