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Jenkins Plugin from Contrast Security
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Jenkins Cat

Contrast Jenkins Plugin - Version 2.0

Repository for the Contrast Jenkins plugin. This plugin adds the ability to configure a connection to a Jenkins Build.


Parameter Description Since
Contrast Username Username/email for your account in Contrast
Contrast API Key API Key found in Organization Settings
Contrast Service Key Service Key found in Organization Settings
Contrast URL API URL to your Contrast instance
Use if you're a SaaS customer; all others use the URL of your Contrast UI (e.g., http://contrastserver:8080/Contrast/api).
Organization UUID Organization UUID of the configured user found in Organization Settings
You can also copy it from the URL when viewing the home page in Contrast.
ignoreContrastFindings Jenkins boolean build parameter. If set to true, builds will not be failed when Vulnerability Threshold Conditions are not met. 2.3
Result of a vulnerable build Contrast TeamServer profile configuration parameter allowing to choose the result of a build that does not meet the Vulnerability Threshold Conditions. 2.3


There are currently 2 build items added by this plugin:

  • Test Contrast Connection

    This will verify the Jenkins can connect to TeamServer with the configured variables. It will fail the build if the plugin is unable to connect. This test can be found as a button when adding a TeamServer profile.

  • Contrast - Verify Vulnerability Threshold

    Available as a step and a post build action.

    This will check TeamServer for the number of vulnerabilities in the application. The required variables are Threshold Count which must be a positive integer and Application Name. The other two variables Threshold Severity and Threshold Vulnerability Type are not required but can be useful if you want to filter the threshold count.

    NOTE: The variables in the Threshold Condition form are required to run this build action.

    This verification will fail the Jenkins build even if your build succeeded.

Test for Vulnerabilities

In order for the Jenkins plugin to get accurate information, you must add a unique identifier built from the Jenkins CI configuration as an agent property. The corresponding property for the Java agent is contrast.override.appversion. Also, for each Threshold Condition, you have to specify the Application Name to ensure that Contrast tests for the correct information.

By default, the plugin uses ${JOB_NAME} as a value of the Application name parameter. The plugin uses the unique identifier ${Application Name}-${BUILD_NUMBER} to filter vulnerabilities and check conditions. JOB_NAME and BUILD_NUMBER are available as Jenkins environmentproperties.


There are 2 charts that are generated after each build Vulnerability Trends Across Builds and Severity Trends Across Builds.

Here are two examples of the charts:

Severity Trends Across Builds

Vulnerability Trends Across Builds

Exported Configurations

TeamServer Profile Config

Threshold Condition Config

Building the plugin

mvn clean install

Running Locally


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