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Merge pull request #5 from mc1arke/master
Overhaul of the cvs plugin

* Allowing checking out modules from different branch/tags in a single repository (JENKINS-768, JENKINS-6812)
* Allowing multiple repositories in a single job i.e. multiple CVS roots (JENKINS-2638)
* Using a Java CVS Library rather than depend on a system library (JENKINS-49, JENKINS-3848, JENKINS-3756, JENKINS-1676)
* Use 'rlog' for polling and change-log generation and 'rtag' for tagging (JENKINS-6312, JENKINS-10981, JENKINS-11787, JENKINS-1847, JENKINS-1359, JENKINS-76, JENKINS-9809, JENKINS-2710, JENKINS-5744, JENKINS-4604)
* Restrict CVS to only check-out configured modules and not other CVS items in the workspace (JENKINS-7449, JENKINS-2345, JENKINS-4489, JENKINS-1638, JENKINS-528)
* Add check-box to allow disabling change-log generation per project (JENKINS-3979)
* Leave CVS/Entries contents in their original encoding (JENKINS-4241, JENKINS-2614)
* Making CVS Prune (-p parameter) optional through job configuration (JENKINS-1013)
* Improving warnings and validation (JENKINS-9670, JENKINS-9045, JENKINS-7407, JENKINS-3133)
* Fixing cyclic dependency with subversion plugin in POM (JENKINS-10370)
* Fixing 'after-the-fact' tagging of builds (JENKINS-8128)
* Improved date format on CVS commands (JENKINS-6119, JENKINS-7833)
* Allowing macro/parameter expansion on input fields (JENKINS-2318, JENKINS-3821)
* Fixing missing CVS change log entries when 'use head if not found' is used (JENKINS-12104)

Potentially also fixes:
JENKINS-1737: Alternative Quiet Period Implementation (untested - updated polling should fix this)
JENKINS-10843: CVS Update (defect is unclear)
JENKINS-427: Cannot check out alias modules from CVS (untested - using rlog should fix this)

It's probably worth updating the version number in the POM to 2.0 given the number/scale of these changes, although this hasn't been included as part of this request.
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mc1arke committed Jan 27, 2012
2 parents 7b57474 + bfbac19 commit 1c6ddef1e5c1c3fe9f1a236fe4cc3aa336b8ca21
Showing 156 changed files with 4,620 additions and 4,267 deletions.
24 pom.xml
@@ -20,13 +20,37 @@
<name>Kohsuke Kawaguchi</name>
<name>Michael Clarke</name>




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