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[FIXED JENKINS-15826] use full name for matching file exclude regions

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mc1arke committed Oct 20, 2013
1 parent bd7dc36 commit 9d1021271f95842c85dda35a6aec19ff768b3554
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@@ -423,7 +423,7 @@ private void saveChange(final CVSChangeLogSet.File file, final CVSChangeLog chan
// we only want the first listing of this file since changes are
// sorted in reverse order of when they were made
if (!files.containsKey(file.getFullName())) {
final CvsFile cvsFile = new CvsFile(file.getSimpleName(), file.getRevision(), file.isDead());
final CvsFile cvsFile = new CvsFile(file.getFullName(), file.getRevision(), file.isDead());
files.put(file.getFullName(), cvsFile);

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