DeployHub OSS Plugin for Jenkins enabling agentless software deployments.
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Notice: ReleaseEngineer has been split into DeployHub OSS and DeployHub Pro

DeployHub Pro is the renamed version of Release Engineer and is currently being maintained.

DeployHub OSS is the Open Source version of Release Engineer and is an active Open Source Project.

DeployHub achieves Continuous Deploy.

DeployHub is the first open source Application Release Automation (ARA) solution designed to break down the 'wall' between development and data centers so your cool new features get to production at the speed of agile. DeployHub unblocks the flow of code changes to production by eliminating the overhead of end target agents and the additional burden imposed on developers by traditional deployment approaches.

DeployHub Installation

Stable 8.0

curl -sL | sh;


curl -sL | sh

Slack Channel

Google Groups Email List!forum/deployhub-project

Online Help

Detailed Install!Documents/deployhubinstallationguideforlinux.htm


DeployHub and DeployHub Pro Features

  • Easy Installation - No End Point Agents
  • Easy to configure - graphical application packaging
  • Integrates with Infrastructure Configuration Management
  • Push or Pull deployments with version 'jumping'
  • Database Management Support
  • Pre-Built Reusable Deployment Actions and Workflows
  • Jenkins and Continuous Delivery Plugins
  • Multi-Platform (Linux, UNIX, Windows, z/OS, iSeries, Cisco Routers)
  • Rollback and Roll Forward Recovery
  • Environment Modeling and Management
  • Continuous Feedback Loop from Build to End Point

DeployHub Pro Only Features

  • Release Train Management (manage multiple applications)
  • Calendar with integrated pre-approvals and blocking
  • Role Based Security
  • Change Request Tracking
  • Continuous Feedback Loop from issue tracking to endpoint
  • Change Request Burn Down Charts
  • Component Sharing and Workflow Templates

DeployHub Info:

DeployHub Pro Info: