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Jenkins Cloud Plugin for Docker
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Jenkins Cloud Plugin for Docker

The aim of this docker plugin is to be able to use a docker host to dynamically provision a slave, run a single build, then tear-down that slave, without the build process (or Jenkins job definition) requiring any awareness of docker.

The Jenkins administrator configures Jenkins with knowledge of one or more docker hosts (or swarms), knowledge of one or more "templates" (which describe the labels/tags that this template provides, the docker image, how to start it, etc) and Jenkins can then run docker containers to provide Jenkins (slave) Nodes on which Jenkins can run builds.

More documentation available on the Jenkins wiki:

Note: There is more than one docker plugin for Jenkins and if you are using Jenkins pipeline / workflow / Jenkinsfile builds with code including terms like docker.withDockerRegistry or docker.image etc as provided by the docker-workflow plugin then this is not the repository you are looking for.

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