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Release date: Dec 28, 2017

  • PR #15 - Remove hidden string concatenation in envinject.service.EnvInjectSavable to reduce memory consumption.
  • PR #16 - Minor code cleanup.


Release date: Oct 24, 2017

  • JENKINS-47574 - Prevent NullPointerException in EnvInjectAction#getEnvironment() when it's called in XML deserialization without build reference.
  • JENKINS-47167 - Prevent NullPointerException when serializing EnvInjectAction without build reference to the disk.


Release date: Oct 07, 2017

  • JENKINS-46479 - Prevent environment variables from being deleted on existing builds.
  • PR #12 - Update Jenkins core requirement to 1.625.3.
  • PR #12 - Fix core API usage issues reported by FindBugs.


Release date: June 25, 2017

  • JENKINS-45055 - Cleanup issues reported by FindBugs, including misformatted system log messages and NullPointerException risk.
  • PR #9 - Internal API: Restrict access to the EnvInjectAction#envMap cache value, getter methods should be used instead. It prevents issues like JENKINS-44965.


Release date: May 02, 2017

  • JENKINS-43845 - Deprecate obsolete utility methods in the library. Methods have been moved to the EnvInject API Plugin.
  • JENKINS-43535 - Make EnvInjectAction API compatible with non-AbstractProject job types like Jenkins Pipeline

Developer notes

  • Starting from this version, the library should not be directly used by plugins
    • Use dependency on the EnvInject API Plugin instead.
    • Remove explicit dependency on the EnvInject Library.
    • Replace all usages of the org.jenkinsci.lib.envinject.service package by the new methods offered by the plugin.


Release date: Jul 01, 2016

  • JENKINS-36184 - Remove implicit dependency on the Matrix Project Plugin, which has been detached from the core. It was causing regressions in Jenkins installations without this plugin.

Changes before 1.24

See the commit history

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