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A set of prerequisites needs to be set to have this plugin usable.

  • One or more physical disks accessible from Jenkins Master, most commonly via mounting points. The disks may also be shared directories via NFS or Samba.
  • The same disks must be accessible from Jenkins Nodes.

External Workspace Definitions

In the Jenkins global configuration, we need to define a Disk Pool (or more) that will contain the physical disks. An example of such config is shown in the following image:

External Workspace Definitions

Node Properties

In each Node configuration, we have to define the mounting point from the current node to each disk. Let's assume that we have two nodes, one labeled linux, and the other one labeled test. A common node configuration is shown below:

Linux Node Properties

Test Node Properties

External Workspace Templates

There may be cases when you have more than one Node with the same label. Instead of specifying the same External Workspace Node properties for multiple Nodes that share the same label, you can make use of the External Workspace Templates from the Jenkins global config.

Below is an example of such config. All the Nodes that are labeled linux will use the properties that are defined in this config. When the exws step is called, it will firstly try to find a matching in the External Workspace Templates for a given disk. If no entries are defined, it will fallback to External Workspace properties from the Node config.

External Workspace Templates