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[FIXED JENKINS-21929] Configurations of latest build parameters won't

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fredg02 committed Feb 25, 2014
1 parent 1738889 commit a88cfac475a35c6f20585f5d2cecb6f8dc6aa15f
@@ -37,13 +37,13 @@

public class BuildParametersColumn extends ListViewColumn {

private boolean isSinglePara;
private boolean singlePara;
private String parameterName;

public BuildParametersColumn(boolean isSinglePara, String parameterName) {
public BuildParametersColumn(boolean singlePara, String parameterName) {
this.isSinglePara = isSinglePara;
this.singlePara = singlePara;
this.parameterName = parameterName;

@@ -52,7 +52,11 @@ public BuildParametersColumn() {

public boolean isSinglePara(){
return isSinglePara;
return singlePara;

public String getParameterName(){
return parameterName;

public String getBuildParameters(Job job) {
@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
xmlns:i="jelly:fmt" xmlns:p="/lib/hudson/project">
<p>${%This column shows a single build parameter or all build parameters of the current/last build.}</p>
<f:optionalBlock field="isSinglePara" title="${%Show single parameter}" inline="true">
<f:optionalBlock field="singlePara" title="${%Show single parameter}" inline="true">
<f:entry title="${%Parameter name}">
<f:textbox field="parameterName" default="" />

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