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[Fix JENKINS-32258] remove excess rev-parse calls

The BuildData cleanup change to remove dead branches from BuildData
needs the list of current branches.  Generating the list of current
branches called rev-parse for each branch. With small branch counts,
that isn't a huge problem.  Large branch counts make it painfully slow.

One of the problem repositories has 17000 branches.

Since the BuildData cleanup step is introducing extra work, this may
still be slower than earlier versions, since larger sized BuildDData
was accepted prior to git plugin 2.4.1 and git client 1.19.1.
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MarkEWaite committed Jan 3, 2016
1 parent 3a8d219 commit 1a450a5ee993209cc9f27f2a4bfb31bc08a33257
Showing with 20 additions and 18 deletions.
  1. +20 −18 src/main/java/org/jenkinsci/plugins/gitclient/
@@ -1774,29 +1774,31 @@ public void execute() throws GitException, InterruptedException {

* parseBranches.
* Parse branch name and SHA1 from "fos" argument string.
* @param fos a {@link java.lang.String} object.
* Argument content must match "git branch -v --no-abbrev".
* One branch per line, two leading characters ignored on each
* line, the branch name (not allowed to contain spaces), one or
* more spaces, and the 40 character SHA1 of the commit that is
* the head of that branch. Text after the SHA1 is ignored.
* @param fos output of "git branch -v --no-abbrev"
* @return a {@link java.util.Set} object.
* @throws hudson.plugins.git.GitException if underlying git operation fails.
* @throws java.lang.InterruptedException if interrupted.
protected Set<Branch> parseBranches(String fos) throws GitException, InterruptedException {
// TODO: git branch -a -v --abbrev=0 would do this in one shot..

private Set<Branch> parseBranches(String fos) {
Set<Branch> branches = new HashSet<Branch>();

BufferedReader rdr = new BufferedReader(new StringReader(fos));
String line;
try {
while ((line = rdr.readLine()) != null) {
// Ignore the 1st
line = line.substring(2);
// Ignore '(no branch)' or anything with " -> ", since I think
// that's just noise
if ((!line.startsWith("("))
&& (line.indexOf(" -> ") == -1)) {
branches.add(new Branch(line, revParse(line)));
// Ignore leading 2 characters (marker for current branch)
// Ignore line if second field is not SHA1 length (40 characters)
// Split fields into branch name, SHA1, and rest of line
// Fields are separated by one or more spaces
String[] branchVerboseOutput = line.substring(2).split(" +", 3);
if (branchVerboseOutput[1].length() == 40) {
branches.add(new Branch(branchVerboseOutput[0], ObjectId.fromString(branchVerboseOutput[1])));
} catch (IOException e) {
@@ -1816,7 +1818,7 @@ public void execute() throws GitException, InterruptedException {
* @throws java.lang.InterruptedException if interrupted.
public Set<Branch> getBranches() throws GitException, InterruptedException {
return parseBranches(launchCommand("branch", "-a"));
return parseBranches(launchCommand("branch", "-a", "-v", "--no-abbrev"));

@@ -2554,9 +2556,9 @@ public void push(RemoteConfig repository, String refspec) throws GitException, I
throws GitException, InterruptedException {
final String commandOutput;
if (allBranches) {
commandOutput = launchCommand("branch", "-a", "--contains", revspec);
commandOutput = launchCommand("branch", "-a", "-v", "--no-abbrev", "--contains", revspec);
} else {
commandOutput = launchCommand("branch", "--contains", revspec);
commandOutput = launchCommand("branch", "-v", "--no-abbrev", "--contains", revspec);
return new ArrayList<Branch>(parseBranches(commandOutput));

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