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[JENKINS-43507] Should be first round complete for scm-api changes

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stephenc committed May 4, 2017
1 parent b70866b commit 01465e33440f4c6231f4e810696f55e84f90c6cc
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  1. +2 −2 src/main/java/jenkins/plugins/git/
@@ -428,9 +428,9 @@ public ObjectId create() throws IOException, InterruptedException {
public SCMSourceCriteria.Probe create(@NonNull SCMHead head,
@Nullable ObjectId revision)
@Nullable ObjectId revisionInfo)
throws IOException, InterruptedException {
RevCommit commit = walk.parseCommit(revision);
RevCommit commit = walk.parseCommit(revisionInfo);
final long lastModified = TimeUnit.SECONDS.toMillis(commit.getCommitTime());
final RevTree tree = commit.getTree();
return new SCMProbe() {

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