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[FIXED JENKINS-10060] made the handling more robust.

See the comment in the code and in the ticket for discussion of what was going wrong and why I think this fix is a reasonable one.
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kohsuke committed Aug 3, 2011
1 parent cefbb29 commit c8c7c0afb6f997ab4b743471f49c520875e52e7e
Showing with 37 additions and 17 deletions.
  1. +37 −17 src/main/java/hudson/plugins/git/
@@ -577,7 +577,7 @@ public void fixSubmoduleUrls( String remote,
TaskListener listener ) throws GitException {
boolean is_bare = true;

URI origin = null;
URI origin;
try {
String url = getRemoteUrl(remote);

@@ -656,28 +656,48 @@ public void fixSubmoduleUrls( String remote,
* the revision that has been checked out.
public void setupSubmoduleUrls( Revision rev, TaskListener listener ) throws GitException {
String remote;

Iterator<Branch> bi = rev.getBranches().iterator();
if ( bi.hasNext() ) {
// this is supposed to be a remote branch
String b =;
String remote = null;

// try to locate the remote repository from where this commit came from
// (by using the heuristics that the branch name, if available, contains the remote name)
// if we can figure out the remote, the other setupSubmoduleUrls method
// look at its URL, and if it's a non-bare repository, we attempt to retrieve modules
// from this checked out copy.
// the idea is that you have something like tree-structured repositories: at the root you have corporate central repositories that you
// ultimately push to, which all .gitmodules point to, then you have intermediate team local repository,
// which is assumed to be a non-bare repository (say, a checked out copy on a shared server accessed via SSH)
// the abovementioned behaviour of the Git plugin makes it pick up submodules from this team local repository,
// not the corporate central.
// (Kohsuke: I have a bit of hesitation/doubt about such a behaviour change triggered by seemingly indirect
// evidence of whether the upstream is bare or not (not to mention the fact that you can't reliably
// figure out if the repository is bare or not just from the URL), but that's what apparently has been implemented
// and we care about the backward compatibility.)
// note that "figuring out which remote repository the commit came from" isn't a well-defined
// question, and this is really a heuristics. The user might be telling us to build a specific SHA1.
// or maybe someone pushed directly to the workspace and so it may not correspond to any remote branch.
// so if we fail to figure this out, we back out and avoid being too clever. See JENKINS-10060 as an example
// of where our trying to be too clever here is breaking stuff for people.
for (Branch br : rev.getBranches()) {
String b = br.getName();
if (b != null) {
int slash = b.indexOf('/');

if ( slash == -1 )
throw new GitException("no remote from branch name ("+b+")");

remote = getDefaultRemote( b.substring(0,slash) );
if ( slash != -1 )
remote = getDefaultRemote( b.substring(0,slash) );
else {
remote = getDefaultRemote();
} else {
remote = getDefaultRemote();

if (remote!=null) break;

setupSubmoduleUrls( remote, listener );
if (remote==null)
remote = getDefaultRemote();

if (remote!=null)
setupSubmoduleUrls( remote, listener );

public void setupSubmoduleUrls( String remote, TaskListener listener ) throws GitException {

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