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[JENKINS-48061] Motivate withoutRefspec

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rsandell committed Mar 27, 2018
1 parent 1340f86 commit cb2e753cd81be123af628c7f502681ef6b2a9a34
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  1. +2 −0 src/main/java/jenkins/plugins/git/
@@ -371,6 +371,8 @@ protected SCMRevision retrieve(@NonNull final SCMHead head, @NonNull final TaskL
return telescope.getRevision(remote, credentials, head);
if (head instanceof GitSCMHeadMixin) {
//Since it is a specific SCMHead we are after, that we know the refspec of
//we can save a bit of time and bandwidth by just fetching that refspec
context = context.withoutRefSpecs().withRefSpec(((GitSCMHeadMixin) head).getRef());
return doRetrieve(new Retriever<SCMRevision>() {

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