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* [JENKINS-39822] Fix SECURITY-170 issues

* [JENKINS-39822] Make sure there is always BuildData on testNoBuildRevision

* [JENKINS-39822] Use conditional on plugin version

* This way we change behaviour only if needed

* [JENKINS-39822] Conditionally handle SECURITY-170

* [JENKINS-39822] Invoke build getting into account git plugin version

* Git plugin 2.4.1+ does not include BuildData if checkout fails,
resulting in testNoBuildRevision failing

* [JENKINS-39822] Fix style

* [JENKINS-39822] Added javadoc and more clarifying comments

* [JENKINS-39822] Fix codacy warning

Jenkins Github Plugin

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Start the local Jenkins instance:

mvn hpi:run

Jenkins Plugin Maven goals

hpi:create  Creates a skeleton of a new plugin.

hpi:hpi Builds the .hpi file

hpi:hpl Generates the .hpl file

hpi:run Runs Jenkins with the current plugin project

hpi:upload Posts the hpi file to Used during the release.

How to install


mvn hpi:hpi

to create the plugin .hpi file.

To install:

  1. copy the resulting ./target/rdoc.hpi file to the $JENKINS_HOME/plugins directory. Don't forget to restart Jenkins afterwards.

  2. or use the plugin management console ( to upload the hpi file. You have to restart Jenkins in order to find the pluing in the installed plugins list.

Plugin releases

mvn release:prepare release:perform -Dusername=juretta -Dpassword=******