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This plugin implements the OAuth Credentials interfaces to surface Google Service Account credentials to Jenkins.
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Jenkins Google OAuth Credentials Plugin

The Google OAuth plugin provides a Google-specific implementation of the OAuth Credentials interfaces.


Please see Google OAuth Plugin for complete documentation.


  1. Go to Manage Jenkins then Manage Plugins.
  2. (Optional) Make sure the plugin manager has updated data by clicking the Check now button.
  3. In the Plugin Manager, click the Available tab and look for the "Google OAuth Plugin".
  4. Check the box under the Install column and click the Install without restart button.
  5. If the plugin does not appear under Available, make sure it appears under Installed and is enabled.

Plugin Source Build Installation

See Plugin Source Build Installation to build and install from source.

Feature requests and bug reports

Please file feature requests and bug reports as GitHub Issues.


The GCP Jenkins community uses the #gcp-jenkins slack channel on to ask questions and share feedback. Invitation link available here:





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