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Jenkins plugin for querying influxdb as post build step.
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InfluxDB Query Jenkins Plugin


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The plugin provides a mechanism for querying InfluxDB as a post build step for use as a deployment gateway.
Using a time series database to for aggregating testing and development tool data makes sense if you can query it after all the testing is complete to determine if a build is stable.



  • Jenkins running on Java 1.7 or later

Jenkins documentations

Global Configuration

Select Manage Jenkins -> Configure System, scroll to InfluxDB Query Plugin

Plugin configuration

  • InfluxDB URL: The complete url including port of the Influxdb e.g. http://localhost:8086 or

  • InfluxDB Database Database name where relevant events are stored e.g. overops

  • InfluxDB User InfluxDB username with access to the relevant events.

  • InfluxDB Password Password for InfluxDB user.

Test connection would show you a count of available metrics. If the count shows 0 measurements, credentials are correct but database may be wrong.

If credentials are incorrect you will receive an authentication error.

Job Post Step Configuration

On Job, select Add Post-build step, select Query InfluxDB:

Plugin configuration

Then configure: Plugin configuration

  • Check Name Name for the check to be run, it is display in console for better understanding of performed check.

  • Influx Query InfluxDB select query supposed to return 1 value. It can be a sum, count or function returning only one value. May use Jenkins tokens such as build number in the query. e.g.

     select count(errors) from DevOps where application = 'ArchRival2.1' deployment = '2-1-$BUILD_NUMBER'

It may also be a query against any metric in InfluxDB that is filled by a step of the build, for example if you run a Load Test with Apache JMeter with an InfluxDB Backend Listener, you could query the errors to fail a build:

    select 100*sum(countError)/sum(count) from jmeter where application = 'mygreatapp' and buildNumber = '${BUILD_TAG}'
  • Expected Threshold Threshold for the value returned by query result. If exceeded and if Mark Build Unstable is selected, the build will be marked unstable.

  • Retry Count Number of times to execute the query as a single post-build step.

  • Retry Interval Time to wait in between each query in seconds.

  • Mark Build Unstable Check if we should mark the build unstable if the Max Record Count is exceeded.

  • Show Query Results Check if we should should display the query results in the Jenkins console.

You can configure multiple Queries.

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